Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Picture Explosion!

There has been so many nice things happening lately that I have been sadly neglectful to this little blog. So here's a bunch of pictures to catch up!
The only two to do the sisters with flowers pictures so far are Katie and Lucy. Thanks!! I wish my sisters were not so lazy :( Then I could actually put all the pictures up in their frames. I think these two came out very nice, and they followed my rules! Yay!!! :D

I have little gifts to send as a thank you, I just need to figure out if there's a post office within walking distance.

Also Monday was Dave's birthday, so here are pictures of cake and presents, since Dave said he would rather not have pictures of him opening presents put on here. The cake is chocolate with funfetti frosting, and covered in as many mini M&Ms as it liked to hold. The frosting was too warm when I put it on, but oh well, it tastes just as good!

I made actual food for Dave's birthday dinner, Garlic Lemon Chicken and Herbed Potatoes:

Yum! Until next time :D

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