Sunday, April 19, 2009

Apartment Upgrades!

So with all the time I have to spend at home recently, I've been trying to convert the new apartment into something better fitted to us. Here is what I've done so far...

The kitchen is very short on counter space, so I decided to add a shelf in the empty space above the sink. I also decided to try a smaller dish drainer that could fit into the sink instead of taking up needed counter space. To cut down on the amount of water bottles we buy and then have to recycle, I decided to try out one of the Brita faucet filters, and am enjoying it very much so far :)

We are also having to deal with very limited storage space in the bathroom, so I decided to get a floating cabinet to hang on the wall. I think I will have to do some more with the bathroom storage problem though.

I'm going to hop around the internet looking for more ideas to spruce this place up :) Hopefully I will have made it very comfy before I have to run back to work.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

London Town

I decided to put up the most interesting of my London trip photos (and then steal some others from my friend who went as well). I told myself I wouldn't just take pictures of buildings, and that I would try to make all the photos interesting... but that never works and I always take very little time out of the day to take pictures anyway... so sorry there's so few!

But I suppose if you really wanted to see pictures of the landmarks of London you shouldn't be looking for them in my terribly amateurish photos anyway :)

This is Jen and me at King's Cross, making our way to the Hogwart's Express, haha.

And this is a picture Jen took of me in Hatchard's, the oldest book store in London. It's a wonderful place with many stories, all filled with books! I had a great time just wandering around, before I picked up the book I'm reading there. Though the book's heroine is about to do something incredibly stupid, so I had to put it aside for a bit.

Here is Lisa (our wonderful hostess!) and I wandering the chocolate counters in Harrods, the most wonderful place! I could love Harrods just for the chocolate shop, it looks like something out of a Christmas movie! Everything wonderfully lit and glittering!

The of course, Buckingham Palace and Parliament (Big Ben!)

And here's a dork on the Piccadilly line of the tube, so the trip must be over :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why I did this...

In the new world, where information is available instantly via the internet, and where everyone is suddenly googling your name to just "see" what comes up for their entertainment, I thought it might be a good idea to secure my own name on blogger; just in case :)

This is just a blog about what's going on with me, for any interested friends or family that might be wandering the net. And to amuse myself while I'm enjoying my time off of work for the next couple months.

And now my fish sticks and tater tots are ready, see ya :)