Friday, May 15, 2009

Apartment! Photo Challenge!

Hurray! I finally took some pictures of the downstairs of our new place for anyone who hasn't seen it in person and would like to see :)It was not absolutely clean when I took these pictures :( Sorry! I kept putting this off, trying to get more of our apartment decorated and spruced up and ended up procrastinating a little too long.

Here is the new shelf I put in last week, it is above our kitchen table and is happy to hold some of the knick-knacks we've collected. I've been trying to do some water color pictures for the frames on the wall, but I've had a hard time coming up with subjects. So I decided to hunt online for photos, only nothing really fit with what I wanted... so I decided I want pictures of sisters!

If Dave's sisters and my sister's all took pictures of themselves I could fill up the remaining frames hanging under the shelf. Don't you think that would look nice?

If you guys don't mind, here's what I'd like you to do...

Pick a flower you like, either growing outside, in a vase or as a hair accessory, and where a bright color that matches the flower or opposes it (green/teal for red/pink, blue for orange, purple for yellow, etc...) or if you choose a white flower, any bright colored shirt is fine. Put yourself somewhere well lit (outside in the sun, or use lots of lamps and sunlight) and have someone take a picture of you. I would like all the photos to be spring and summer feeling, and smiles are best! No emo please :) And no myspace type photos!!!

Examples:Also though these will print out as 4x6 photos, the actual window of the frames I am using them in is about 3x5, so please try to keep the focus of the picture in the middle, and don't do anything that is too extreme of a close up (just your face and the flower) or too far away (anything that shows below your waist while standing up). Tell whoever is taking your picture to try to keep your face near the center of the shot. Try to only use one or two kinds of flower, not a bouquet, I think simple is best.

The white area is the "safe" zone, the red edges will either be cut off (literally) or won't show within the window space:
If I could get these by next Tuesday, that would be really awesome!! Then I can have the apartment looking really nice before I have to go back to work :)

You can email the pictures to me at

If you have any questions, email or call me :)
I will send everyone a thank you present, I promise!
Moms, Dads, Sisters, Boyfriends and Friends are allowed to help out!