Thursday, April 2, 2009

London Town

I decided to put up the most interesting of my London trip photos (and then steal some others from my friend who went as well). I told myself I wouldn't just take pictures of buildings, and that I would try to make all the photos interesting... but that never works and I always take very little time out of the day to take pictures anyway... so sorry there's so few!

But I suppose if you really wanted to see pictures of the landmarks of London you shouldn't be looking for them in my terribly amateurish photos anyway :)

This is Jen and me at King's Cross, making our way to the Hogwart's Express, haha.

And this is a picture Jen took of me in Hatchard's, the oldest book store in London. It's a wonderful place with many stories, all filled with books! I had a great time just wandering around, before I picked up the book I'm reading there. Though the book's heroine is about to do something incredibly stupid, so I had to put it aside for a bit.

Here is Lisa (our wonderful hostess!) and I wandering the chocolate counters in Harrods, the most wonderful place! I could love Harrods just for the chocolate shop, it looks like something out of a Christmas movie! Everything wonderfully lit and glittering!

The of course, Buckingham Palace and Parliament (Big Ben!)

And here's a dork on the Piccadilly line of the tube, so the trip must be over :)

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  1. hahahahaha you're a blogger. also stealing platform pic and adding it to my fb album.